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From the imagination of Stephen Pottinger comes KPB Theatre’s new play “Lightbulb”.

Lightbulb is a thrilling quest for normality in a world where everything is virtually possible, but virtually nothing is as it seems.

Set in a lonely room, a group of misfits, bound by routine, find themselves constructing a volatile personal quasi reality instead of living in the strict confines of a new society, a society which is dictated by greedy and paranoid rich “money makers”.

Will their dangerous game be the answer that they are looking for? Or will they end up in a world of darkness?

Join Dukas, (David Alcock) on his search for himself, Kareen, (Virginia Turner) on her search for friends and Kendal, (Rachel Lynn Sweeney) as she comes to terms with the loss of her partner.

Meet Taka, (Yoshi Masuda) as he yearns to find his daughter (Mariana Saito), Bonham, (Noe) as she searches for her true love with the aid of Gracie (Leoni).

Add to the hodgepodge, Harry, (Jeffrey Clapp) and his ill-timed awkwardness, Lucy, (Lea Pinault) as she battles with her mind and Philip, an artist (Rafael Guedes) as he searches tirelessly for... the cat.

Don’t miss KPB Theatre’s best show this year!

Tickets available now from Ticket PIA, KPB Theatre, website or cast and crew

ー LIGHTBULB 電球 ーKPBシアター主宰スティーブ・ポッティンジャーが紡ぐ新たな物語。










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