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Twist and Turn the Golden Age of Hollywood

Last year I was inspired to write a short play after a trip to Kanazawa.  Whilst there with some KPB Theatre brothers and sisters we had the wonderful opportunity to see a show.  When I returned I set out to write a short play for four people.  Here it is "Double Agents"

Double Agents is a fast paced comedy about an actor and an actress with a hidden agenda. Behind every successful star is a dedicated and very tired agent trying to keep things moving forward. A racing comedy set in Hollywood during the 1960s. 

Double Agents was performed in Kanazawa and Osugi on November 8th and 9th 2019 in association with Osugi musical Theatre.

Cecelia - Leah Turner
Richard - Gareth Thomas 
Britt - Gary Beaubouef
Fargerheim - Stephen Pottinger
Music by Gart Westerhout

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