Churchill In Love 

A Play by Gary Beaubouef, Directed by Steve Pottinger


Director - Steve Pottinger

Writer - Gary Beaubouef


Winston Churchill - Michael Kruse

Clemmie - Louise Heal Kawaii

Aristotle Onassis - Tony Torres

Tina Onassis - Irene Dewald

Maria Callas - Aya Kawakami

Diana Sandys - Ruth Shirley

Celia Sandys - Nanami Takahashi

Angela - Erika Nogueira

Major Lang - Ashlay James

Captain Wilson - Joe Sichi

Mr. Ashford - Tim Lennane


Stage Manager - Mari Miyamoto

Costume and Set design - Gen Tsuzuki

Lighting - Nick Edges

Sound Design - Steve Pottinger

Make up - Azumi Yamashita, Takeshi Higa

Tickets - Kayoko Pottinger

Translation - Kanako Endo, Rie Ando, Kayoko Pottinger, Momoyo Sugiyama

Box movers - Jeffrey Clapp, Elijah Ben, Gary Beaubouef



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Sunday 9:00am-10:00pm



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