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in the Attic

Think of the Possibilities

November 2018 saw KPB Theatre present Gerry in the Attic.  An original musical written by Gary Beaubouef with original music by Steve Pottinger.  Performed at the Chikusa Playhouse to sell out audiences, this musical brought the best of the West End and Broadway to Nagoya, Japan!


in the Attic

original cast studio recording


Set in the English countryside, the residents of the Meadowlark Retirement Home plot to take their beloved Gerry, recently deceased, to his proper resting place.  Armed with the love for a friend and the desperation of having nothing left to lose, the elderly residents defy age and take on the challenges of the outside world to see that Gerry gets his last wish.  A classic musical tale of "catch me if you can" as the residents of Meadowlark rally their youth one last time in service of an old friend!  Follow them on this grand musical adventure this November. 
Just "Think of the Possibilities!"
舞台はイギリスの片田舎。 老人ホームの入居者たちが、亡くなった仲間ジェリーが、還るべき場所を目指した、愛と冒険の旅を描きます。 わかる人にはわかる、懐かしいミュージカルの音楽もお楽しみいただけます。



November (11月)

17th 13:00 & 18:00

18th 13:00 & 18:00

23rd 18:00

24th 13:00 & 18:00 (SOLD OUT)

25th 13:00 & 17:00


Advance Student      -   2,000 yen

Advance Adult          -   3,000 yen

Door Ticket               -   4,000 yen

Doors will open 30 minutes before show time.

Seats are non reserved.

This is a musical that is suitable for the family, but we only allow children who are 6 years old or above.

きっこ英会話スクール様のご協力のもと、Gerry in the Attic上演中に託児サービスを行います。 託児サービスは全公演でご利用頂けますが、ご利用を希望される方は、下記Eメールアドレスから必ずご予約くださいませ。 なお、託児サービスの詳細についても、下記Eメールアドレスからお問い合わせいただけます。 ご予約・お問い



We have teamed up with Kikko English School to provide a childcare service at the theatre so you can enjoy Gerry in the Attic.

This will be available for all shows but please sure to reserve a place by e-mailing below.

Please enquire by e-mail for more information.


Chikusa Playhouse (Link to Google maps below)

千種文化小劇場, 名古屋


Train access is available from either Imaike Station (Higashiyama, Sakuradori lines) or Fukiage (Sakuradori line)


There is limited (15 spaces) coin parking at the theatre and coin parking available 

in the surrounding area.

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