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JukeBox Paradise Has Begun!

Now fully cast, Jukebox Paradise is well and truly on its way to the stage!

The road to our first show next November may seem long and winding from January, but those who are familiar with the stage know that it is much shorter than it seems. Rehearsals are going strong with a variety

of initial exercises designed to unite the cast and to break down the barriers which often exist between strangers on the cusp of friendship. Characters and scenes are being explored, lines are being learned, and a common effort to put the best possible show on stage for our audiences is being molded! We fully expect tears and laughter, cries of anger and joy, hoarse voices and sore muscles along our road, but we know our endeavour is worthwhile and all of us are committed to the journey ahead. In addition to the Jukebox cast, the Jukebox band, led by the capable Brian Cullen, is hard at work with learning the compositions which will make Jukebox Paradise an experience no one will want to miss! We invite you to join us on our yearlong journey and to be a part of our creation!


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